Sales are the
of Every

It doesn’t matter what you
sell or what kind of service
you provide, your company
must be able to gain

Without sales, you have no
customers, no revenue, no
profit, and, ultimately, no


/rān mākər/

a person who generates a substantial volume of
new customers/clients for an enterprise.

What’s even better
for your business
than a rainmaker?

Rainmaker Services

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for
a lifetime.

- Lao Tzu

Prove then Empower

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Prove Our Capabilities by Bringing
You Customers/Clients

First, we prove our capabilities by turning on the sales spigot so that your company experiences an immediate & ongoing influx of new customers. (If we bring in more customers than your business can initially handle, the marketing campaign can be throttled back in order to give you more time to accommodate further growth.)

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Empower You to Continue Acquiring
New Customers/Clients

Next. we empower you to continue acquiring new customers in a cost-effective manner and without having to spend a lot of time and effort Artificial Intelligence and automation helps make this possible.

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Generate Unparalleled Results

So while a Rainmaker can bring you clients, Rainmaker Services provides your business with the systems, methods. know-how and support to be your firm's own Rainmaker and generate unparalleled results at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else.

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Our Cutting-Edge Al Technology
Identified Your Firm as Poised
for Significant Growth

We spent much time, effort and money developing our Al-powered technology that analyses numerous variables for hundreds of companies at a time, and then identifies those businesses that can benefit the most from our services. Our Al technology is currently 83% effective at identifying companies that can realize a considerable increase in sales from our services.

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We Didn’t Contact You to See if
We Can Help You. We Reached
Out to Your Business Because
We KNOW We Can Help You!

That’s why what seems like a “cold call” or unsolicited email from us
is nothing at all like an actual cold call (or email) from other companies, where your firm is just another name on their prospect list.


Our Al Tech Pinpoints Areas That
are Prime Locations for
Extraordinary Results! Find Out
if Your Locality is One of Them.

Our technology allows us to
identify specific industry/location combinations that are prime areas to quickly achieve a dominant market share.

Thus, if We Contacted You, There is an Excellent Chance That We Can Help
Your Business Gain a Lot More Customers/Clients!

Setting Your Company
up for Success

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Rainmaker Services operates in an entirely different manner than all of our competitors. Since we haven’t yet worked together we don’t expect you to trust us or believe anything we say on the basis of just a phone call or email. Instead we will prove our worth to you before you spend any meaningful amount of money for our services.

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Given that our technology has already identified your firm as a prime candidate for robust growth, we know that there is an outstanding chance that we will be able to consistently bring you a continuous flow of new customers.


We put our own money on the line and bear the cost of setting your company up for success because we know that once you see that we can make your business thrive like never before, you will be eager to continue working with us.

Rapid Growth &
Market Dominance

We only accept companies as clients that our Al technology rates as a top prospect for rapid growth and/or market dominance. Thus, if we didn’t initiate contact with you, we will not be able to enter into a business relationship with your firm. For the same reasons, although we appreciate the gesture, we do not accept referrals from our clients.

Act Now!

For companies we reached out to that are interested in obtaining more customers/clients, please call or email as soon as possible to answer your questions or to get started. There are usually between two and four companies that qualify as candidates for our services in most areas identified as growth markets by our technology. Being that we work exclusively with just one business for each industry/location, we can only guarantee that this offer to help your company significantly increase sales will be available for seven days from our initial conversation.

You have nothing to lose and lots of customers to gain, so call, text or email us now.